It is still possible to register virtually. If you want to be added to the waiting list for in-person registration please contact


  • In-person registration fees (all in EUR) include coffee breaks and lunch Tuesday through Friday, as well as evening icebreaker event on Monday and a scenic tour through the Rotterdam harbour.
  • Tutorial registration covers full-day fees (whether you attend one full-day tutorial or two half-day tutorials) and includes lunch and coffee breaks on Monday. 
  • Accompanying guest fees include the evening socials. Guests must be added through an an attendee registration, but payment can be split – please select the “check” or “purchase order” option on checkout, then contact the registrar for payment, which can be via credit card.
  • In the case that DCLDE must go fully virtual, we will automatically refund the difference between in-person and virtual registration cost, minus a 4.5% transaction fee that applies to all refunds. See also additional refund policies below



In-person DCLDE (T-F) before Apr 1 € 550 € 200
  before May 27 € 625 € 250
  late & onsite € 675 € 275
Virtual DCLDE (T-F)   € 250 € 150
Tutorial day (M) before Apr 1 € 150 € 50
  before May 27 € 200 € 75
  late & onsite € 250 € 100
Virtual tutorial (M)**   € 50 € 40
Accompanying guest prior to May 27 € 180
  late & onsite € 200

* To register as a student, please send (to dclde2024 [at] gmail [dot] com) a current student ID card or verification of student status from the university attended on university letterhead. If you are no longer a student, but are presenting work at DCLDE that you conducted as a student, and you graduated less than one year ago, then you may also register as a student. A letter from your professor/institute verifying that you completed the work you will be presenting as a student will be required. If proof of student status is not available, the full registration fee must be paid.

** Not all tutorials may be available virtually, please check with the tutorial organisers.



Student support

ONR has provided funding to partially support student participation at DCLDE Rotterdam. Students must submit an abstract and present at DCLDE Rotterdam to be eligible. Funds will be awarded according to need, number of students, and anticipated cost for each student. Awards will not cover all costs, so students should anticipate finding additional sources of support.

To apply:

1) Indicate that you would like to be considered for student support on the abstract submission form when you submit your abstract. You will be asked for the following information:

  • Academic Institution Name, City, State, Country
  • Information & justification for support request: Describe your student status, areas of interest, and justification for workshop attendance (e.g. how will attending DCLDE Rotterdam benefit your current studies and/or academic future?)
  • Anticipated cost of participation (Include breakdown for travel, transportation, accommodation, registration etc)

2) Have your advisor send a letter of support to by 3 March 2024.


Refund policy

  • In-person registrants:
    • Before May 1: Switch to virtual registration with a refund for the difference in cost less a 3.99% transaction fee.
    • Before May 1: Cancel for a full refund, minus 50 Euro cancellation fee.
    • After May 1: Unfortunately we cannot provide any refunds for in-person registrants after May 1 since we need to make commitments with hard bottom-lines that depend on the number of in-person registrants. You can switch to virtual registration but no refund will be provided.
  • Virtual registrants:
    • Before May 15: Cancel for a full refund, minus a 40 Euro cancellation fee.
    • After May 15: No refunds.
  • Guest registrations: No refunds.


Virtual participation:

Although we cherish the in-person interactions that make the DCLDE workshops so special, we do intend to enable online participation: 

  • Camera stream of speakers and audience, so the discussion can be followed.
  • Each session will be hosted by two chairs, one of which will monitor online questions.
  • We will allow for a limited number of online presentations. Presenters will be asked to pre-record the presentation. Online presenters will be provided with the opportunity to answer questions after the presentation.

Registration is closed